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Monday, September 22

Calorie Free Beverage Option at Costco

I frequently have clients ask about zero calorie drink options. Given the fact that I do not advocate drinking artificial sweeteners in diet sodas or other drinks like Crystal Light, I was happy to find a sparkling water at Costco called Talking Rain. It has a mild taste with three different flavors including lemon zest. It's organic and has no artificial sweeteners with zero calories.

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Saturday, September 20

Spouse or PDA...which would you choose?

According to a new study, 35% of those surveyed said they would pick their PDA over their spouse in the bedroom.

Being conmnected 24/7 makes many think they work harder today than five years ago.

Other findings from the survey:

-84% of people say they check their phones either before they go to bed or when they wake up in the morning.

The study surveyed 6,500 workplace professionals via phone with an individual income of $50K and higher, a least two business trips per year and a Blackberry or mobile email device.

Five countries were surveyed, including the U.S., China, Australia, the United Kingdom and Germ

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Tuesday, September 2

New Water at Costco

I was speaking to a group of women CPAs keynote last week in St Louis and had a few people ask about a zero calorie healthier beverage option. This past week, during a Costco shopping trip I discovered Talking Rain sparkling artesian water. It is organic and coming from a person who is typically not a sparkling water fan was tasty. The flavor is from fruit extracts. This is definitely a great alternative to water as a zero calorie drink.

Many people today are wasting large portions of their total calorie budgets on high calorie drinks such as soda, alcohol, and juices.

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