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Tuesday, January 20

How to Lose Weight- Part 2 Video

Just as President Obama has suggested that each of us take personal responsibility to improve our country we also need to take that same personal responsibility for our health and our waistlines. Within an average day we make countless different choices. You decide what time to get out of bed, what to eat for breakfast, whether you stop at the gym on the way home from work (IF you packed your gym clothes in the morning), if you eat too much and other poor choices. So, I like to call it my "just a little bit every day" principle. If you do just a little bit day after day, month after month, you can create some real positive results. Did you know that merely cutting 150 calories per day you would lose about 15 pounds in 1 year? Be realistic, if you start going to the gym you won't start feeling or looking better after 1-2 days but you can start feeling and looking better in a few weeks and once you feel better working out better than not working out you will be on your way to starting some new healthy habits.

So, if you are ready to get fit and healthy in 2009 check out my newest video which is Part 2 for "How to Lose Weight: 3 Keys to Success to Get Leaner". I share some simple ways to cut calories that will make a difference.

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Monday, January 19

An Overwhelming Hope for My Daughters

Today's blog post is not about nutrition or health but instead about an overwhelming amount of joy and hope I feel as I watched the inauguration. Personally, it's been an emotional day for me as the mother of two bi-racial daughters. Over 11 years ago, the day before my wedding in Topeka, Kansas I was asked to go to a therapy session with my mother. Yes, I had to go visit a shrink the day before my wedding to make sure I knew I was ruining my future. It was in this session that I was told how my life ahead would be very tough because I was about to marry a black man and I was making a huge mistake. I was told I would not be able to get a good job. I was told I would not be able to buy a home. I was told that certain people would not associate with me because of the color of my husband's skin and that my children would be treated differently. It certainly helped that we had already lived in San Francisco two years and would continue living there for 5 years following our wedding. Since I believe San Francisco is the most diverse city in our country I never really felt uncomfortable with my inter-racial relationship and marriage in the beautiful City by the Bay. Fortunately, I also didn't believe the words that I was told the day before my wedding and I'm happy to report I've done okay so far with owning my own business, owning a nice home and having wonderful friends throughout the country.

But for me, today is more about the children of this country. As I sat watching Oprah a few years ago when she shared a revealing documentary by a 17 year-old black student who was doing a "doll test" to recreate the research from the 1950's about both black and white children associating different qualities of each doll based on skin color. The black doll was associated as more ugly and not as smart and the white doll as more attractive, nice and smarter. I was astounded so I decided to do my own test with my daughters. Sure enough, they confirmed the study findings. So what did I do? As a nutrition and health researcher I immediately got on the internet and bought three books on Amazon that I thought would be good for the girls. All of them had a black mom and a white father but I thought they could see someone who looks like them since I couldn't find any with a white mom and black dad. I began reading these books to my daughter frequently and showing them pictures. Close to that time, my oldest daughter wanted a Barbie cake for her birthday so I made sure to ask the cake lady to buy a Barbie with brown skin. During my daughter's birthday party one of her closest little friends said "that's not a real Barbie!". I was horrified but understood that the little girl wasn't trying to be mean she just never sees brown-skinned Barbies. I am also a believer in positive self affirmation for my children and started to have them repeat after me, "I have beautiful brown skin", "I am beautiful on the inside", and "I can be whatever I want to be when I grow up" and they usually add a few more. I figure if they hear it from me and say it to themselves enough times they will believe it.

Now, my girls, as well as black and white children throughout the country can realize that with hard work and determination anything is possible in the United States of America. As I have frequently caught my 7 year-old watching Sasha and Malia Obama intently on the tv, I smile to myself. I am so grateful that now they will not only hear from me how they can do and be anything but they can also see it and understand that we are all so very blessed and lucky to live in the best country in the world!

By the way, all of my family now loves my husband dearly and prior to my mother's death from cancer she said he was the best son-in-law. Sometimes it just takes time for people to understand that we are really more alike than different. And thanks to all the K-State ADPi sorority sisters who always supported me in my relationship even when I had my own doubts about it at the beginning.

Also, if you want to see the documentary click here.

Peace and love to all,

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Saturday, January 17

Lose Weight- Part 2 Video and Are Your Friends Good For Your Health?

Hello, I'm sitting in the Phoenix airport getting ready to fly home until next Wednesday when I leave for the final 6 cities of my 10 city tour.

I just recorded two short new videos which will not only help you reduce your daily calorie intake to assist in your weight loss efforts but also a BONUS video called "Are Your Friends Good for Your Health and Happiness?"

Find my other videos on YouTube!

Sorry for the short post but we are boarding now!

Coming soon- A Facebook Fan Page! You can also follow me on Twitter at

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Wednesday, January 7

2009 10-City Media Tour

I am at the airport now waiting to fly to my first city (Washington, DC) for my media tour. Below is my schedule for the month. Take a look to see if I'm visiting your city!

January 8 Washington, DC (CBS)
January 9 Hartford (CBS)
January 13 Miami (NBC)
January 17 Phoenix (IND)
January 22 Atlanta (FOX)
January 23 Chicago (CW)
January 24 Denver (ABC)
January 26 San Diego (NBC)
January 27 Sacramento (NBC)
January 28 Seattle (ABC)

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Sunday, January 4

Lose Weight Part 1 Video

I just got my YouTube account up and working! My channel is . I recently bought a new Flip Mino HD so I can do videos to share nutrition, fitness, and health information easily to all of you. My first video provides 3 Key Strategies to Start Losing Weight.

Check out the video!

I hope you are all committed to improving your health and nutrition in 2009! Small changes can create big results for you and as I always say "just a little bit" every day and you will be amazed what you can do in one year!

Wishing you a year of health and happiness!

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